Gallery Transcode Module

Transcode Module

By combining the latest technology from the Gallery and FFmpeg open source projects, we have created a solid solution for server-side video and audio transcoding. With compatibility for the most popular formats, users can submit QuickTime, Windows Media, and even Divx formats to Gallery transcode the video "server-side" to the latest web standard video formats such as, Flash Video and Mpeg4.


Through custom administration settings, you can assure that your videos are converted to formats supported by the latest mobile hardware like Apple's iPod & iPhone, Sony PSP, Microsoft Zune, and many mobile phone platforms.

True that mobile delivery may be a great thing, but our custom Gallery Transcode Module offers superior encoding for hi-resoultion content as well. HD-Delivery is now an option for many users seeking to retain the quality of their content to their visitors. Users can see a preview version of videos and also choose to download a full resolution version of content.


RSS makes it simple by allowing you to feed your videos to any platform or device that supports RSS 2.0 compatibility. Keep your users and visitors updated with fresh content by using Gallery as your hub for video and audio delivery. Push your RSS feeds to media players like our very own E2 Pro Media Player and MiniSlide for easy publishing. Our Gallery even supports third-party solutions like SlideShowPro and Cooliris.

Looking to set up a community for Images, Audio, and now Video but you're concerned about storage and bandwidth? Our Gallery administration panels allow you to limit file sizes, member quotas, and even upload methods –assuring that you can fully customize how users interact with your commmunity and content, while respecting to your server and hosting environment.

G2video Our new Transcode Module gives you the power to publish video from Gallery in an optimized format for web delivery while helping to keep your bandwidth requirements low. With plugin support for Flash Video, Apple QuickTime, and Windows Media, you can offer your visitors multiple viewing options when visiting your Gallery.

Our Transcode Module is now a standard component of every Catalog installation. For help with your with video transcoding and Gallery, please view our ProSupport products.

We are currently beta testing our new Transcode Module. If you would like to take part in our beta test, please register at, and make a request for the file link to our beta in our forum.