Geeklog Newsletter Plugin


Newsletter Plugin

FlashYourWeb is pleased to release our latest version (1.0.5) of the Geeklog Newsletter plugin.

Compatible with Geeklog 1.5.x, the newsletter plugin allows you to publish your newsletters as a linkable "static page", while allowing you to also email your newsletter subscribers in an HTML email.

The interface is based on the Static Page editor found in natively Geeklog, so you'll be familiar with the functionality right after installation.

The subscriber list allows you to easily manage your subscribers and offers import and export functions for batch adding email lists. The plugin also allows you to send a test email to make sure the layout is just right before you publish it to your subscribers.

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The plugin supports full HTML email and offers editing with FCKeditor. If you have G2bridge installed, you can also take advantage of Gallery by accessing content through G2Image.

FCKeditor & G2Image

We welcome your feedback and feature requests as we attempt to make this new plugin even better.

You can download the latest version here:

Ask questions, request features, and gain support here: