IE 10 the struggle may be over


ie10For way to many years, web developers have been struggling with Internet Explorer with each version bringing its own new challenges. Web developers had to create kludges/shims to get the same functionality from the browser that one expects to get from the other major vendors. IE9's release brought the browser's compatibility to its highest level in respect to new HTML5/CSS3 specs. It still had its own set of challenges and new shims were created to bring up the level of support.

Enter IE10 with automatic updating - Hallelujah!!

MSFT has finally taken the steps necessary to keep its IE users up to date the same way all the other major browser vendors have. The screenshot on the right is from the Win7 Pre-Release, Win8 users automatically get IE10.

Check out Paul Irish's Skinny on IE update policy for further info.

I found the experience surprisingly pleasant and each of my sites rendered as expected. Javascript execution seems very fast and media elements looked superior to the other browser's offerings. In addition, the Developer's tools: javascript console, Net panel, etc. are all top notch.

Way to go Microsoft :)



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