G2Bridge Update

Alright you newbies, this one's for you! Are you sick of having to format and code pages to get your Gallery content embedded into your Geeklog stories? Are you tired of having to create tables, rows, and columns to format the look of your content?
AutoTags are the quick and easy way to get your Gallery content into you stories, static pages, comments, and forum posts "inline". This functionality supported by our G2bridge technology, publishes images, audio, video, and pretty much anything that Gallery supports right into Geeklog.

Since we are using Gallery's plugin support, you don't have to worry about embed code for any of the content you publish. So Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash Video, mp3, etc. all use Gallery's embed code. Nice!
Fishing At Dusk
Rock Face
Blue Sunrise
Its All Grey
Tree And The Sunset
A New Years Sunset
Green Hoops
In The Lake
St. Pauls Cathedral
The simple code below generated the images above.
You can see by the variables, how the layout is generated.

[g2bridge:27655 mode:dynamic g2_view:random total:12 useThumb:1 column:6 rss:1]

The 12 thumbnails above are being dynamically generated by a Gallery album. The item # for that album is 27655. The size of the thumbnails is grabbed by the sizing set for the album thumbnails. Go ahead and refresh this page. You'll see it pulls another 12 randomly from the album. This album has over 100 Images in it. This album could have audio, video, documents, or anything else Gallery understands. As you will learn, through our AutoTag variables, you can present your content how you want. G2 Bridge

Some single audio and video Examples:



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Yes, this means you could create a simple album in your Gallery and publish the contents to your Geeklog stories. The samples in this story are all using the new AutoTag feature. For all the information you'll need to get this going, please refer to our "autotag usage" page here. Get the new release of G2Bridge here. You'll of course need to have Gallery and Geeklog installed to get this working.
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