Gallery and cooliris 1.09


[edit 4/11/2010 - suprsidr] Cooliris' latest embeddable wall is full featured including video. [/edit]

A new version of cooliris (version 1.09) was released recently. As you may know cooliris works natively with Gallery v 2.3. If you haven't experienced this yet, you need to download the plugin now! The above sample is just a peek at what coolirs can do for your Gallery.

Currently Cooliris offers full support for Firefox 3, IE7, and Safari 3.2. We've been making sure that Gallery is fully compatible with the image and video capabilities of cooliris –and we are now looking to take it even further.
Download PicLens
Video is viewable in our Gallery with the Cooliris plugin though not with the latest .F4V video container from Adobe –which we've just recently switched to in our Video Gallery. Why'd we switch to .F4V? Because Adobe's new .F4V container supports the H264 video & AAC audio open standards. If you scroll to the right in cooliris in our Video Gallery, you can see videos encoded in the On2 codec using the .FLV container. This works just fine in cooliris.
Sidebar Cooliris also works well with our Transcode Module and FFmpeg using the Sorenson Spark codec. Though to retain superior quality and adherence to Open Standards, we highly recommend H.264 with .F4V. Currently FFmpeg and our Transcode Module does not support .F4V. The .F4V video files we have published recently, are being Transcoded locally using Adobe Media Encoder CS4.

Even without the cooliris plugin installed, they offer a great image slideshow that is also a standard part of Gallery v2.3. To view an example, just click the "sidebar" link in our Image Gallery, and click "View Slideshow".
Ask questions about installation and compatibility here.