Flash may be coming to the iPhone... Finally.

According to several sources, Apple and Adobe may finally be working together to bring the Flash plugin to the iPhone. Though, significant technical hurdles must be overcome for this to become a reality. Adobe has stated the current Software Development Kit and licenses for the iPhone aren't roubust enough to handle a Flash Plugin development.

It seems that Apple is finally feeling the pressure to get this working. Plus the Palm Pré is going to support Flash when it launches, and it looks like the closest thing to an iPhone killer more than anything I've seen thus far.

It comes as no surprise to me that Apple has delayed Flash support in the iPhone. Afterall, the iPhone App Store is locked into their development kit. To open up the massive functionality of Flash to the iPhone would be opening up a whole new development community. One that is not controlled and regulated by Apple.

And let's not forget content. Apple's iTunes store is built into the phone, and unless you are bringing your content with you from home, their's no way to view new content on-the-go, without purchasing content from the store, or downloading content from a "compatible" source. Flash opens up a huge array of content and UI possibilities -along with competition for Apple's developed infrastructure.

Giving iPhone users access to Flash content will change the mobile landscape once again, and Apple is hopefully ready to support the idea.
Adobe has been working hard for the last 2 years to get the latest version of the Flash Plugin to support several QuickTime containers, like .mov, .m4v and the open standard .mp4. I think they've done a great job in helping to bring options for media distribution. Now it's Apple's turn with the iPhone and QuickTime.

QuickTime is installed on most iTunes enabled Mac/PCs. And yes, QuickTime is the choice for many video professionals –myself included. But QuickTime is not what web designers and developers are using for rich-media UI. Flash coming to the iPhone and the possibility of QuickTime finally supporting .flv, .f4v video containers, would assist in the standardization of video delivery over the web. I hope this happens soon.