Tooltips in SlideShowPro

TutorialsI was asked by a client to swap out the button pack in Slideshow Pro for their site, and if possible to add tooltips to the buttons. After searching the forums and discovering this has been a feature request for at least 2yrs. I decided to investigate myself.
Any event you try to attach to the buttons simply get overwritten by ssp, so I tried a method of mouse tracking instead.
I have 3 layers in my fla: actions, my_ssp, and tooltips.
The tooltips layer contains a MovieClip "infoTip" which contains a TextField "infoText"
I had to add a simple "trace(this)" to each button in the pack to get their location.

Works with or without button packs.
There should also be an easier/more efficient way to do this, but for now this will do.

Enjoy :)




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