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Our mod can clone an existing album when a new user album is created.


*Warning an issue we experienced:

If the existing album was too large or had too many items to clone, the time it took to create was fairly long. Some users navigated away from the page creating a ERROR_MISSING_OBJECT within our user albums gallery.

reducing the size of the cloned album fixed this issue.


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Error when user access the gallery | 3 comments | Anonymous Logout
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Error when user access the gallery
Authored by: suprsidr on Saturday, February 13 2010 @ 07:21 AM PST

Looks like gallery is failing to fetch the theme from the album you've chosen to replicate.

Try setting a specific theme in the album to replicate and let me know if that works. Even if you set it to the same as default just make sure one is set.

I'll whip up a check to use the default if one is not set.(had to do something similar in the slideshow module)



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