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Category: Free Gallery Apps Submitted by: suprsidr
  Slideshow module v.2.1.x for Gallery2    Popular

Latest update for Gallery2's slideshow module.

This version replaces the old PicLensLite slideshow with the new embeddable3D wall when the browser plugin is not detected.

Defaults back to lytebox if Flash is not present.

Also fixed the itemLinks issue.

6/28/2010 fixed Chrome launch issue.

11/15/2011 fixed lytebox when no flash present

Report findings/suggestions here.


If you don't already have one, you'll need a crossdomain.xml in your site's root ie. not

  Ver:  2.1.1  Date: Nov.15.11   Rating: 10.00(1)   2099     175.15 KB  
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There will always be...
Well Done
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, July 12 2010 @ 05:18 AM PDT

Had given it a try.... without the crossdomain.xml. I was prompted the file was missing. Downloaded file and put in place. The photo wall worked immediately.

This is the first time I find the quality quite acceptable. Hope it can be made to utilitize bigger part of the screen. Btw that time, will know if this is good as compared to Lytebox.

Well Done....

Slideshow instead of 3D wall
Authored by: Martin on Thursday, August 05 2010 @ 07:07 AM PDT

Thanks for providing a plugin that supports the latest version of Cooliris. I especially like the idea of the BackgroundMusic support. However, the users of my family gallery - many of whom are 70+ years old - want a simple full screen slide show of the family pictures rather than a fancy 3D wall that they have problems navigating. Is there a way (e.g., variable) to start it up as a slide show that immediately starts rather than as a 3D wall? E.g., by setting itemGUID?

Thanks, Martin

P.S. In the official 2.0 version I also changed the wait time from 10 to 4 seconds. 10 is pretty slow. Maybe this could be made a configuration item so that people don't have to modify the code.

Slideshow instead of 3D wall
Authored by: suprsidr on Thursday, August 05 2010 @ 09:34 AM PDT

Replied in GMC forums as suggested above.



There will always be...
Found bug... here's patch
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, March 09 2011 @ 05:32 PM PST
I was experiencing issues displaying the slideshow in *some* albums that contained video files. This is weird as all my videos are from the same camera and have been uploaded in the same manner... Anyway, I was getting this error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getMimeType() on a non-object in /home/toddgee_web/webroot/ on line 193

The issue was the '$preferredFullImages[$childId]' was null so the getMimeType() method was causing a null-pointer (I'm a Java dev :^)

Here's the diff I used to fix it:

[[email protected] classes]$ diff SlideshowHelper.class SlideshowHelper.class.bak
< if (
< GalleryUtilities::isA($child, 'GalleryPhotoItem') ||
< (
< GalleryUtilities::isA($child, 'GalleryMovieItem') &&
< ($child->getMimeType() == 'video/x-flv' ||
< (!empty($preferredFullImages[$childId]) && $preferredFullImages[$childId]->getMimeType() == 'video/x-flv')) &&
< $picLensVersion &&
< $browserPlugin
< )
< ) {
> if (GalleryUtilities::isA($child, 'GalleryPhotoItem') ||
> (GalleryUtilities::isA($child, 'GalleryMovieItem') &&
> ($child->getMimeType() == 'video/x-flv' || $preferredFullImages[$childId]->getMimeType() == 'video/x-flv')
> && $picLensVersion && $browserPlugin)) {

Sorry it's not in standard diff format -- too tired to look that up right now. Also sorry I reformatted the parens -- was trying to figure out the nesting and I left it when I got it working.