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The MiniSlide Show and The Executive Media Players
Catalog gives you the power to manage web sites, documents, images, video and communities from one custom installation. Catalog is a collection of successful Open Source software initiatives that have proven to be the foundation for several businesses and organizations. FlashYourWeb has assembled the core assets of these OSS initiatives into one complete software package to allow for simple integration into a new or existing infrastructure.

If you want to change your homepage, Catalog has an editor built right in that allows you to edit pages, add pages, even create new sections for your web site. We’ve spent countless hours making sure that Catalog understands every popular file format. Below is a list of some of the popular formats Catalog understands.
Image Formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, TGA, TIFF, SVG, BMP, Adobe - PDF, EPS, PSD
Video Formats:  MP4, F4V, FLV, AVI, MOV, WMV
Audio Formats: MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAVE
Document Formats: (Microsoft) DOC, XLS, PPT, VSD, Adobe - PDF, AI

So now that Catalog has all your content, now what?

Built into Catalog is our custom Media Management Module. It allows you to take control of every piece of content you add to your web site. Assign access and permission controls to each item, create content albums and user groups, syndicate media throughout your web site or to external sources.

Also included in Catalog is our MiniSlide Show and our audio/video player called, The Executive (E2). Each of these custom interfaces allow you to easily publish your content from Catalog's media management system. Easily embed our MiniSlide Show or The Executive in any webpage and feed them graphics, photos, audio and video.

The MiniSlide Show & The Executive both work directly with Catalog media feeds (RSS). This functionality allows to you easily manage the content on your web site, or even publish it to someone else's. With fully adjustable colors, the interfaces can be customized for any brand. Currently we are offering a free preview release of The Executive ProPlayer, allowing you to share all media through a single player.

Please note: Catalog is currently not available for distribution. If you are interested in a custom version of Catalog, please refer to our ProHost solutions.
Documents Take control of your online publishing and document sharing. Our custom Catalog installation allows for several document sharing capabilities. Offering access to a centralized location for your updated documents gives your work-flow much more power than using email for document management. From Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop, to Microsoft Word and Excel file types, Catalog provides a sound structure for document versioning and sharing.
Images Upload, Resize, Rotate, Tag, Feed, offer Slide Shows, we could go on. The Gallery Open Source Project gives Catalog the award winning power of professional image and photo management. Backed by ImageMagick, you can be assured that the compatibility is available for all the most popular image types. Organize your images in dynamic albums with custom themes and navigation, even watermark images automatically upon upload.
Videos Just like the image management capability of Catalog, the audio and video functionality gives you the power of your own personal YouTube. FlashYourWeb has created a fantastic Media Player called The Executive. Working off of Catalog RSS technology, you can offer up Audio and Video streams in The Executive on any web page. Complete with full-screen and embed code support, The Executive will also play Mpeg4/H.264 media in full HD resolution!
Sharing With a focus on RSS and permission based file sharing, Catalog provides a platform for your content to be shared with who and when you want to. Secure an album so that authorized users can get your latest files. Create an RSS feed of a photo album so users can subscribe to your content. Use the sharing capabilities of Catalog to manage all of the content on your website, including Flash, graphics, and video. With all of the file formats that Catalog supports, if you can upload it, you can share it. All while maintaining permissions for content access to approved users.
Community Catalog provides you a community infrastructure that can help you grow a community while maintaining necessary restrictions to content and communication. Complete with forums, user profiles, private messaging, events, calendars, and media file sharing. The solutions Catalog offers you for community management, will allow your web infrastructure to take full advantage of internal communications and user generated content.
Administration Administration is key when you want to take control of your web-publishing routines. Catalog provides amazing control over your members, visitors, and content on your web site. Through sensible Administration interfaces, you can control permissions for anyone and anything on your web site. Create groups for customized access to information. Limit users to certain content on the site. Offer specialized content for premium members. These are just a few methods that can shape the presence of your brand and core web site functionality.
Publish Whether you're publishing articles, web pages, or audio and video, Catalog allows you to access the media you need from within Catalog content editors. Complete with a built in HTML and Document editor, you can quickly create rich media web-pages using content and permissions from other areas of Catalog. Want to send an email to your entire web community? Catalog offers full HTML email communications with your web site members. It's a great way to get newsletters, updated products, or policy changes into the hands of your community.
All About The Community  

It is so great to be able to shape a community to fit your needs. Whether you are a company looking to offer better communication between team members, or you're a blogger seeking a certain audience, Catalog profiles offer a great platform for an exchange of ideas and media.

Each Catalog system comes with customizable profiles, media albums, forums, and permissions for your users or community members.

Users that join your website have the opportunity to personalize their online appearance, publish articles, supply contact information, and share content with anyone on the website or the internet. The level of access each user has to publishing and content is always controlled by you in the Catalog Administration panels.

Build From Within  

It's easy to see all the capabilities that Catalog can bring to your website or online marketing campaign. At FlashYourWeb, we prepare our clients and members for the internet of tomorrow. We wish to offer you a platform that will grow your online business and community.

The flexibility of Catalog allows you to offer certain functionality to your users while holding back other functionality until it is needed or requested. Compatibility with popular websites is a big focus here at FlashYourWeb. To the right are some products and services that can be taken advantage of by using Catalog as your media and publishing solution.

Catalog Supports

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