G2Image brings you access to your Gallery content directly inside Geeklog's HTML editor.  Powered by our G2Bridge technology you may browse any Gallery item you are authorized to view, then select the item(s) you wish to have placed in your HTML page.   

You've got choices  

Upload hi-resolution graphics and photos while Gallery creates several sizes for you.  Choose from the resized versions from within the G2Image Chooser. Easily link your images to other web pages, albums, or downloads.

Complete with Plugin Embed Code, G2Image recognizes Gallery's Embed code for QuickTime, Flash, and Windows Media.  Upload different types of videos and audio to your Gallery and access it directly from G2Image for quick publishing of rich media.

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G2Image Embed Options
You can even choose movies or flash animations and G2Image will generate the proper embed code for you.
G2Image was originally created by Kirk Steffensen
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