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Display your photos, images, and graphics in our versitile MiniSlide Show. Powered by Gallery2/3 mediaRss feeds or by our own feed generator, the MiniSlide Show works directly with your Gallery albums. Create dynamic album feeds to the MiniSlide Show for a quick way to share your Gallery content in your web pages and blog posts.

Generated By: FlashYourWeb Acme EMBED-O-RATOR
The MiniSlide Show above is being generated by a custom Feed from this Gallery album. It's pulling 20 Images from this album. It's also asking Gallery to grab the correct image resolution for the embedded slide show. In this case, it's grabbing 1024 pixel-wide images. We're calling in a large image for this slide-show so that the full-Screen capability offers a better user experience. By clicking any slide-show image, you are linked to the Gallery to view resized versions and the full-resolution (1920/1200) image. As an alternative method, we could've asked Gallery for the 640 version of the image, and turned off the full-screen option. The options for control and usability of the MiniSlide Show brings terrific opportunities in showcasing your Gallery content.

The MiniSlide Show works off of Gallery's RSS feeds so it's simple to add, change, and create new MiniSlide Shows. The MiniSlide Show can also link users to Videos, Audio, and documents, by reading the thumbnail that Gallery creates for supported content. It's a great way to showcase the latest items that have been added to your Gallery regardless of their format. And since the MiniSlide Show works off of Gallery permissions, you can be assured that users only see content they are authorized to view.

Put a MiniSlide show in a side block of your web site, or create a nice rotating banner linking to the web page of your choice. We've created a handy embed tool we call the "ACME embed-o-rator" that makes it easy for you to get your MiniSlide Show up and running quickly.

The adjustable sizing capability of the MiniSlide Show gives you the freedom to query Gallery for any sized image or thumbnail making it a perfect solution for embedding content into any area on your web site, and even syndicating it to others.



The example to the left is indeed a "mini". The slide-show is Grabbing the thumbnails from a small image album we've set up in our Gallery. This example is showing the title of the images, has random transitions turned on, and it has the control bar permanently visible . We've also turned off linking to the original image to illustrate control over user functions and access to Gallery content. For a complete list of the variables and functions offered by the MiniSlide Show, please review this page.

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