The Acme MiniSlideShow EMBED-O-RATOR
The Acme MiniSlideShow EMBED-O-RATOR

Now Supporting Gallery3

Minislideshow: Url to your minislideshow.swf
XML: ? Url to your mediaRss.php or G3 album feed
Album Id: g2_itemId of the album you want to display.
Extra arguments to enhance the look and functionality.
Shuffle: Default: False
showDropShadow: Default: False
showTitle: Default: False
Delay: Default: 3
titleColor: Pick titleColorDefault: FFFFFF(White)
titleBgColor: Pick titleBgColorDefault: 333333(Charcoal)
TransInType: Default: Fade
TransOutType: Default: Fade
Mask: Default: None
noLink: Default: False
altLink: Alternate Url (leave blank for false)
linkTarget: Default: _parent
useFull: Use full image. Default: False
fullscreenIcon: Default: True
autoStart: Default: True
loop: Default: True
showControls: Default: True (autohide)
siteInfoText: Text to show in right-click context menu.
siteInfoUrl: Url for siteInfoText.
EmbedType: Default: Embed

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